Thursday, September 28, 2006

FM stations galore

More FMs to tune to in Madras now.yeah two more got into the showbiz.Reliance adlabs venture BIG FM-92.7 Mhz which boasts of RJs from the mirchi and suryan stable like Mirchi Balaji,Blade dheena,Kanmani was launched this week.It also has a few hours of English and Hindi music every week.

Hello FM 106.4 Mhz is from the Dailythanthi group and its gonna b out and out local flavor..

Madras la now 7 FM stations to tune in. wow.!!

Radio city was launched a few months back and Mid day groups Radio one has applied license for Chennai to start one soon..

Radio ....


Anonymous said...

this will the year that FM came of age in Chennai. also possibly the year, that radio news came into existence apart from AIR.

Aravind said...

hi Nandhu welcome to my blog.
yeah FM is comin of age here.but not sure if private players given the right to broadcast news.

Venkat Ramanan said...

Hey Arvind!!
yes da.. now we have lots of FM stations to choose from!! plus Radio cityla they play hindi and english songs too!!
The good news is, seems more new channels are coming up!!