Thursday, October 21, 2004

Real Alternative

Winamp is probably the most widely used software to play music in plays most of the formats around.Real format (.rm)is one another popular format (runs in real player)which winamp does not support.I found a interesting plugin/software which enables you to play real media files in Winamp and Windows media player and it is Real Alternative .get it here

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Airtel launches Blackberrry in India

Airtel once proves that it brings the latest tech first and in colloboration with RIM (Research in motion) launches Blackberry which integrates phone ,email and data transactions (all mobile )into one gadget.This launch comes after the launch of edge technology by Hutch last month.India telecom majors are bringing the latest technology .Well the question many would ask is are the latest affordable and of any use to common man.only time can tell.
grab the news in this link>>Research In Motion - News

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rain Rain Go away have to come again tomorrow.

Well if u r a cricket fan in India Well real bad news is that its raining pretty well in chennai and I havent seen the Sun god smiling so far.well only once in a few(years/months/.....) ( ur choice )that India comes close winning rather gets a chance to win against a strong team and the rain god had other ideas.well its just today that every cricket fan of "water starved chennai" prays that the rain goes away.well its all in the game ...

Faketoday-Cigarettes that dont cause cancer

faketoday publish some fakes news which at times is interesting heres one