Tuesday, December 07, 2004

India tour Bangladesh

Well first the word tour in this context looks a bit odd. As if it is a mission to achieve or this being as competitive as an Ashes series the media creates a lotta hype .This could be one of those boring series India has played .
Last time india went there it was atually a dull series with indian batsmen scoring well(they normally do this regularly against low ranked teams ) and the Bangladeshis doing some scratching against Indian spinners.(1 of those batsmen even scored a century).

After all its a country of the size of an average Indian state giving it a international test cricket status and asking other so called international teams to travel there is just not good.Cricket needs to encouraged and spread worldwide.Agreed.But just continuing with team which has not won a match even once in all the test matches played(Dont talk about the big innings defeats).I feel Kenyas better than B'desh.I dont c a Sri Lanka in them.

Morover terrorist threats in place its not great to get on with the tour.Laxman and Kumble will just br happy.But as for the govt decision i think its pretty bold and diplomatic coz the terrorist group will feel great and get more confident if their threat was sustained.
neways hoping for a good series .

eh it sucks to be in Chennai with this fking CAS.In the whole India just this city alone suffers .I hope something is done soon.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Smith plans for a victory in Kolkata

India should win at Kolkata hands down and i hope sourav is cleared of his ban

NDTV.com - For the latest news from India: "Smith hopes for upset in Kolkata"

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Steve Waugh --Indian cricket coach??

one news article says that Steve waugh might take up the cricket coach position of the Indian team.but he has denied saying any such thing.But has hinted that he might consider.but the very next day passed a comment that the ban on Saurav Ganguly for the slow over rate issue is correct and justified.
Well Indian team doesnt need u steve.Mr.Wright is the best man on the job.His replacement if needed can be an Indian.
Then the BCCI secy. has said that it is keen on continuing with John Wright as coach and Andew Leipus as physio.Its for the good.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Todays news....

Sehwags scores a hundred .his ability to score big hundreds once again comes to the fore as he does it in the Kanpur test; while his delhi mate Gambhir failed to get his first.It happens .
Sachin failed miserably while others raised their game considerably.It happens once in a new moon(rather it happens often).
Then there was a hoax email forward that Actor Salman Khan commited suicide. i donno When these people are gonna stop spreading such rumours.

Monday, November 22, 2004


The CAT got over yesterday a few thousands cracking it and a few dreaming about and some cursing it .It all happens every year after the CAT. This time around the security was beefed up and u get the Question paper in a cover with a coupla more seals ;ensuring no more disgrace to IIMs as- Paper leaks .The paper had a slightly different look this time around with some 2 mark questions (if u got em wrong u mite lose a mark) and a few 0.5 mark ques.
The TV channels NDTV and Headlines Today in particular hyped CAT this time with week long sessions SMS based helplines etc.There was a analysis session yesterday evening with answers to questions which i thought only a few should have took notice.well there are a few more tests coming up soon .......
Some good news Indian crickets new(yet another) opening combination have struck a purple patch this time around ona Docile pitch against a weak SA bowling attack hope this partnership continues.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Real Alternative

Winamp is probably the most widely used software to play music in computers.it plays most of the formats around.Real format (.rm)is one another popular format (runs in real player)which winamp does not support.I found a interesting plugin/software which enables you to play real media files in Winamp and Windows media player and it is Real Alternative .get it here

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Airtel launches Blackberrry in India

Airtel once proves that it brings the latest tech first and in colloboration with RIM (Research in motion) launches Blackberry which integrates phone ,email and data transactions (all mobile )into one gadget.This launch comes after the launch of edge technology by Hutch last month.India telecom majors are bringing the latest technology .Well the question many would ask is are the latest affordable and of any use to common man.only time can tell.
grab the news in this link>>Research In Motion - News

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rain Rain Go away have to come again tomorrow.

Well if u r a cricket fan in India Well real bad news is that its raining pretty well in chennai and I havent seen the Sun god smiling so far.well only once in a few(years/months/.....) ( ur choice )that India comes close winning rather gets a chance to win against a strong team and the rain god had other ideas.well its just today that every cricket fan of "water starved chennai" prays that the rain goes away.well its all in the game ...

Faketoday-Cigarettes that dont cause cancer

faketoday publish some fakes news which at times is interesting heres one


Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mobile Invasion--Indian Chapter

Posting blogs does sometimes needs a topic to write upon.In This post i try to throw some light on the growing mobile phone users in India ,termed as the second largest mobile market next to china .

circa 1998 -mobile phones were there already and some People already had one.Mobile Phones were a luxury;remember i am talkin about the state of affairs in 1999 though last century but not more 5 years earlier. People in the high ranks of the Government and good private only cud afford a mobile.

circa 2002-Dhirubhai Ambani;India's rags to riches entrepreneur dreams of an india connected through optic fibre and every indian with a mobile -a great vision.

After his demise Reliance launches mobile phone services with schemes ranging from a 10k one to Re 1 category.(true).It has arrived in India.The mobile revolution.every middle class employee gets one reliance india mobile attracted by the schemes later only to find that just a few schemes are really user friendly.though thats a differnt story.'Mobile phone a luxury' once an incontrovertible statement is today absurd.Thanx to reliance (note that i am not a pro reliance in any case)all the operators reduced the tariffs they too fought some long lastiing wars with TRAI to a share of the market pie.

The mobile phone manufacturers too werent wasting their time they flooded the market with whatever products they had and later on producing some India centric fones with hindi and Tamil menus etc.Mobile phone prices are today coming down like anything .

From the days when one had to wait for months , even years for a BSNL telephone landline a cell phone is just a call away.yes if u call them people bring u a phone.Read in paper thar some mobile operators have launched high speed internet connectivity for their subscribers.I hear people talking 3G.

well whor all using mobiles right from a top notch business man to our own rural entrepreneur, milkamn,Students both college and skool alike and house wives too.And my self of course.Sometimes there is a case 2 mobiles for a person .1 for incoming and another for outgoing calls.Great.

Do u think this has really changed the face of india in the true sense. I wont say a big no. but it has to some extent but u c there are a lots of big holes to be plugged .The recent North eastern floods an example.

well if u wanna be in touch with somebody theres the mobile .Thats actuallly where the whole thing started.Though people are happy talkin to eeach other (mobile of course)and all portals flooded with ringtones and games .But u still hear a story abou8t a village without electricity ands stories like mobile phone compkanies using Gundas and ex policemen to get the unpaid bills.Does this sums up the whole story.well i hope it does to some extent.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Surprise Surprise.its the other of this edition of Euro football championship
held at portugal.Well, the 80 -1 favorites Greece have made it
to last two ending Czech republic's defeatless streak.The goal , a fine header
by defender Traianos Dellas from a corner kick iduring the
extra ,after ninety minutes of footaball went goal less.Now Greece will go on to
meet the Louis Figo's boys of the Golden generation on Sunday.Say Greece!!!