Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sreesanth rocks oh yeah dances..

Sooper reply by Sreesanth for Nel's provoking . 6 and a dance.Way to go machi...

Friday, December 15, 2006


Dhanush.... eppadium Sivaji pichikittu odum . sadharanamagavay namma padam ellam oothals .idhula sivaji release timela naama edhanu release pannom ambel!!.

Rajini ...Sivaji AVM -Shankar-ARR-en fans combinationla soooper dooper hit than.Aana namma maapla padangal onnum ..hmm hmmm. oda maatengudhey....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


AjayJadeja was once the darling of the Indian fans. Jadeja in the end overs is always amazing and not to forget his superb fielding and on field enthusiasm and i feel bad that his cricketing career took a different turn.
nevertheless this video here is one of the most cherished moments by fans.
scene- world cup '96 quarterfinal at Bangalore against Pakistan.

Idhu flying er.. fielding

I still remember the Sportsstar poster of this flying run out by Jonty rhodes to get rid of inzy during 1992 world cup in Aus/NZ.
Chancey illa intha south african teama first pathutu that too jonty rhodes ,ippdi lam kooda fielding panna mudiyuma ellarum Vaaya polandhom.Jonty - the greatest.

Shane the best ,his best

Shane is the greatest spinner of all time and the best bowler of this era and bowler who i like so much.2 reasons 1-he is the best bowler and 2- he is Sachins bunny.
This video is the collection of best deliveries of Shane warne as told by himself.enna than asattu thanama he gets into some controvorsies every now and then Shane warne than weightu!!.

Gilli Egurudhu

what a sight for the bowlers to see the stumps flying.
enna dhan sooper catch,runout irunthalum gilli egurardhu dhan sooper.intha video la there are sooper gillis including coupla namma Sehwags dismissals.. ensoy..