Thursday, November 20, 2008

I want more

Not many posts these days and so i thought shall post something and din know whatta post and finally decided that will post on what most of us do these days.Its about our online life - the alter ego for most .
I want more - yes that's what has driven the mankind and its what evolution is all about.Its human race's quest for newer more things is what evolution is about .. hey wait am not gonna talk about it and a blog post is not enough :P.
I still remember those days when i created my first hotmail email address which i still have and I want more and created some 10 other email addresses including those from paid soon) and were days checking email in dial up connection was an event all by itself.hehe yeah.In fact i vividly remember people calling friends to tell them that they had sent an email.yup email access was a luxury for most then.
I want more...then came Instant messaging followed with voice chat and web cam chat and now you can do all that from within a web page. awesome right.Well theres nothing called free lunch and so along came ads, click-ads, adsense and zillion modes of revenue. I want more..In a way Google must be given a lotta credit for this change from search to email to online docs and much more .
Early summer day in 2004 and I was so excited .. why .. since some friend of mine who had some Google contact invited me to join gmail which is again -I want more-- and yeah today google gives you like 7 GB of email space. MORE.It did not end with email and IM and along came blogs. what are blogs?most know what they are. Yeah its an whole website all for yourself and more one can make money of it .you got it bingo - I want more--.

Email is ubiquitous these days and I feel lost its charm . mebbe . mebbe not. IM is private. yeah it must be.Blog is public .That's what they are meant to be.Blogs are here to stay coz most websites are in a way a blog either of a reporter or an author.Thats not the end of it. I want more . And every human has this curiosity to know what someone else is upto and since most of us are "online" Enter "Social Media".Yes I want more.
What the fuck is social media ?? In simple terms know what everyone reads,watches,drinks,eats,sleeps .. everything literally .oh well wheres the more factor ?.Its there here with a numerous modes of marketing and revenue streams since its all about the target audience with the difference being them available online.There are many who earn their bread outta these. I want more . Yes We want !!!.
Recently hooked onto this social thing called "Twitter" . when friends asked me what it is about i said its like an online chat room everyone in one big room?its like a chain email or IM where you dont really have to reply?well twitters users can argue since its not exactly is twitter is about.twitter helps in finding jobs,cars even girl friends and to catch up latest buzz news.Wheres the "more" factor?Its on the way or mebbe it already is in the form of ads i guess.Mebbe sometime later people have to click an ad to read a tweet. That would suck . but something will happen because I want more .. yes we want.
So will twitter replace everything else ? nah. it cant . never.why? how ? because I want more . Yes we want ..:P.