Thursday, February 14, 2008

check it out

Trying out new softwares is a nice thing cos you never know that some software of which you had no idea can turn about to be a really useful and user friendly tool .Likewise I found couple of nice ones recently .Both are media players.
KMplayer is a pretty kewl mediaplayer that plays any media file on earth and manages it with all its inbuilt codecs.It has a wide array of configuring options to tweak audio and video.The sound quality i thought was very good and the player doesnt eat lotta memory.I landed on this as i was searching for software to play matroska(.mkv) files which my gomplayer didnt play properly.It also has a "winamp" mode for playing audio files and supports all winamp plugins.I would say its a better video player than an audio player but overall its a nice package.Its from Korea . well I am fine as long it works for me.

Winamp gets bloated as it upgrades to newer versions and along comes ads and in fact my antivirus told me that winamp is trying to send information to the internet.Fine let me look for another peppy player for my audio player needs and my quest ended with Aimp2.Its small,fast,doesnt hog my memory and gives me very good sound output and more its looks nice with a playlist cum medialibrary combo.And i started using it as my primary audioplayer.I thought not having a shoutcast directory browser was a problem .But as a one time effort stored the shoutcast urls as bookmarks in here and i can listen to my favorite shoutcast stations in aimp2.I dont think it supports portable devices as such for which i may need to resort to itunes or winamp.But as a audio player aimp2 rocks and fits my bill.And this is Russian player . :-)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Thayir Sadham

It would not be an exaggeration if i say thayir sadham is fact its a cure in more than one way.its an integral part of the diet of south indians and for most a meal isn't complete without it.To me its great in any form -simple thayir sadham,more sadham,with hot rice ,pazhaya sadham,yoghurt sadham ,baghalabath and with an array of thottukais(side dish).It goes great with narthangai,maavadu,Aavakkai,any pickle for that matter,kozhambu,sambar,salt(ah yes a pinch that is),mango fruit and all the podis and curries.Theres nothing like eating thayir sadham and potato curry on a hot summer day watching a cricket match..Wanted to post this as I was eating my more sadham..:-)

Friday, February 01, 2008


Now whats this ..Redmond giant MS has made a bid for internet company yahoo for something like 44 billion USD .Man thats some money...
Yahoo though not doing bad laid off workers recently is now the target of MS to take on the Google surge.Not sure if this deal will go through.Well say if it does what cud be the consequences for end users like us.
In the first place how do they gonna call the new company is it michoo or micahoo or yahsoft...
one could have yahoo search within the microsoft office apps.there mebbe a union of yahoo movies + xbox making it an entertainment hub.. lets wait and watch..