Thursday, June 30, 2005

How is this Ashes gonna be ?

In the last Natwest tri series match there was a war of words between Matt hayden,simon jones,collingwood and vaughan and kinda amicably resolved by Ponting and the two umpires.Well going by these kinda incidents one can say the passions are running high in this new look English team and they are gonna give the aussies a run for their money this time around.well if that happens then this Ashes edition is gonna be a treat for cricket lovers.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Awesome Anniyan.

Anniyan @ Satyam cinemas(chennai) -->wonderful experience.
Lot of reviews float in the net abt this movie and what i have here is my view.
The storyline shows some similarity to Shankar's previous movies Indian and gentleman.well all his heroes have been crime fighters and cant help them being similar.
well positives first.
:) Vikram- a class act.Be it the simple "rules Ramanujam" or the lover ramp model "remo" or the killer Anniyan (with the style of "undertaker" ) he is just fantastic.The scenes with Sadha in the room of "temple towers" where he switches between Remo and Anniyan and the scene with Praksahraj where he in a single shot depicts both "ambi" and "anniyan" are just too good.He scores in Comedy in the scenes in the train and then when he writes his love letter to mention a few.

:) Vivek- man whenever he comes on the screen the theatre erupts to a laughter.he is just too good in his timing and only he can bring this effect.The jokes where he drags kamalHassan,vairamuthu are just a couple of instances of his superb comedy.

:) Cinematography-Ravi varman and Manikandan have done a brilliant job .The fight sequences and the songs deserve special mention.The "tulip gardens " in the Kumari song are a visual treat.Andankaaka song,wherein u find a whole village panited colourfully (including a big bridge)is awesome.

:) Music-Harris jayaraj has did a pretty good job in the background score and the songs are all pretty good though many felt the absence of ARR.

:) Shankar-for obvious reasons.

Sadha and prakashraj also deserve special mention as they have stuck to their job.
someone may say whether it is sadha or 'Sodha' .well she looks pretty good.And thats half the job done.and she doesnt overact or do any blunders anywhere.
Prakashraj as the police officer is as usual good.nothing very particular about his role.The minuses..

:( Sadha doesnt even get the slighest of doubts about the similarity between remo and ambi.

:( First half is dragged a bit explaining about the irresponsible public.Even in the theatre during the intermission i saw ppl smoking in a no-smoking zone.

:( Storyline somewhat similar to sidney sheldon's Tell me your dreams.

Overall its a fine movie and will be one of the biggest Tamil Superhits of all time.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

User interface without clickin the mouse

Wanna check out an user interface without clicking the mouse.This site dontclickit is for u.check out and dont dare to click the mouse.



The Ashes -the traditional urn -the series .Its back in England this summer and there are a lot of English fans hoping for a turnaround after 25 years.Will Vaughan and his team make it.Well going by their performance in the last 15 months or so, there is something positive in this team and has the capability to beat the world beaters Australia.Well the aussies are not invincible but the fact is they up their performance levels whenever it matters.Before the ashes is the ODI triangular series with Banladesh as the third team.
England's trump cards Peitersen and Flintoff are fit and raring to go .so this shud be exciting.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tsunami relief match

Yesterday there was a tsunami relief match held at the Lords featuring MCC eleven and the World eleven.Thought Saurav wud click after his blistering century in the county match.But he dint click.Neways the MCC IX won the match.
The indian batters dint do that well sehwag out for just 5.but the Indian spin duo Kumble and Harbhajan bagged 3 wickets each.Thats pretty kewl.
But the real spirit was fundraiser for Tsunami relief and it was realised.