Thursday, April 28, 2005

Anniyan music rocks (did i say that)

well after listening to the numbers from Anniyan-the most hyped and awaited tamil movie now-i wasnt too impressed .The music by Harris Jayaraj who has given tremendous hits like "Minnale" doesnt seem to have done that xtra bit to get the best.Shankar whose movies right from his debut film Gentleman to his last movie Boys ,in which music was given prime importance and were all chartbusters.Reason---"A R Rahman".First time shankar works without ARR and the difference is felt.BUt i dont say that the music is bad .Its still good but not good enuf.The slow numbers Aiyangaru veetu and kumari are good .Shankar Mahadevan's rendition in the second song is brilliant.The fast numbers resemble some western songs and thats it.Well shankar spends lavishly on the picturization of his songs and hope that it makes up for the not so great music.

Bridge partly underwater

BRIDGE, originally uploaded by netcitizen.

This bridge is between Sweden and Denmark. Picture taken from the side of Sweden.

The bridge is half under the water, for ships to pass and then again, it comes out on the other side. Truly a marvelous piece of Engineering!!!

The bridge (or should it be called tunnel) goes under water to allow movement of ships.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Top ten Firefox browser annoyances

If u are a Firefox lover u neednt worry abt it .but still.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My google search History

Google has come up with another innovative idea called My google search History which keeps track of ur recent google searches and provides access to them as well as the results u chose.The search stats for the current month is also provided.Nice ...

Outsourcing off Los Angeles?

Doing Outsourcing with a twist.Literally working out of a development center on the sea.chk out the link.

via Kalyan Varma

Monday, April 18, 2005

Bye Bye Mr Wright

John Wright got it all wrong in his last series ,the just concluded ODI series against Pakistan.Well cant blame him altogether coz that bad was the batting display of our batsmen and hap hazard bowling of our bowlers.Among the batsmen barring Sehwag,Dravid Dhoni and to some extent kaif the rest were really pathetic .The ones i mentioned too failed when it mattered.Well The Indian team did well in last few years but in patches John wright success % was 40 in tests and 54 in ODI top of the charts among all other previous indian coaches.Well now the question is whoz the next coach???The options i think ,going thru the information sources that i know, are Greg Chappell,Tom Moody and Dave whatmore and a remote chance of steve waugh(i personally don think so).There mite be another candidate in the the legendary Alan Border whos now no more an Aussie selector .Well whoever be the coach to c India win in the future there should be positive changes in the team selection,investment in all levels of domestic cricket and improvement of the facilities in our domestic circuit.Hope for the best :).

Monday, April 11, 2005

Deccan Chronicle in chennai

Deccan chronicle ( 4th largest selling English daily in India) which is primarily based in Andhra n Karnataka has launched its Chennai edition recently and at just a Rupee cost .They wanna get a share of the market somehow which is basically dominated by The Hindu(Re 3.25 daily Re 4 in the weekends ) and to some extent by The New Indian express(Re 1.50).Whether it succeeds in doing so is there to be seen.Well i had read it in Hyderabad; had its own masala stuff and doing the same here. but u get a newspaper at Re might work.

Yahoo 360 Invites

Some Yahoo 360 Invites there for the taking .whoever needs one post comments .

Saurav -Bashing continues

These every Magazine carries an article about Saurav Gangulys poor form and jokes abt it .Heres one more of the Saurav Bashing ..

The following are some of the ideas for Ganguly to regain form and stay in the middle for a longer duration.(subject to approval by I.C.C)

IDEA NO:1: Plastic Ball or Tennis Ball or Rubber Ball to be used while bowling to Ganguly.

IDEA NO:2: Only one stick should be kept while Ganguly is Batting instead of Three so that his chances of getting out bowled will be minimised

IDEA NO:3: Dada can wrap up his legs with 4 or 5 bats instead of pads, so that there is no chance of getting out lbw.

IDEA NO:4: The size of the ball can be reduced to the size of a lemon or size of his bat can be increased to twice its size. Or the size of the ground can be decreased to that of a Basketball Ground.

IDEA NO:5: Fast Bowlers are prohibited to bowl the following deliveries to Dada.
They should not bowl Inswinger,Outswinger,Off cutter, Leg cutter,Bouncer,Short Pitched Ball, Reverse swinging ball, yorker,reverse swinging yorker,slower ball and most importantly in and around the off stump corridor.

IDEA NO:6: Slow Bowlers are prohibited from bowling off spin,leg spin,doosra,googly,china man,flipper,faster ball.

IDEA NO:7: Speed restrictions for bowlers:

IDEA NO:8 Fast bowlers in their runup should run like Mohinder Amarnath and slow bowlers should not run at all.

IDEA NO:9 Ganguly can change his position as medium fast bowler instead of Batsman and bat at no:11, so that by the time he enters the ground 48 or 49 overs would have been bowled.

IDEA NO:10: I.C.C Should warn Pakistan Bowlers that hereafter any bowler taking Dada's wicket, the number will not be added to the bowler's tally of wickets.

IDEA NO:11: Bowlers should not appeal for dismissal of Ganguly. Even a small appeal (not necessarily loud appealing or excessive appealing) will lead to match refereee Chris Broad suspending the bowler for the rest of the series.

IDEA NO:12: Fast Bowlers should only throw the ball and slow bowlers should use underarm throw.

IDEA NO:13: Even after this if Ganguly gets out, the bowler will be called a chucker and new rule for bowling action, i.e.( 2 degrees bending of bowling arm allowed for fast bowlers and 3 degrees bending of bowling arm for slow bowlers) will be taken into account and the bowler will be immediately sent to Australia by next flight for corrective action.

IDEA NO:14: No fielder should catch the ball hit by Dada. If they catch, then any of the opening batsman who got out earlier, like virender shewag will be allowed to bat for second time.

IDEA NO: 15: For every minute Dada stays in the middle, one run will be added to his score and if the ball hits the bat and travels to the following places, runs will be credited to Dada as follows.
Slip,Gully,Forward Short Leg: 1 run
Mid on,mid off, cover,point: 2 runs
long on,long off,fine leg,third man: 3 runs.

and finally if Dada's wicket is taken before he reaches 50 runs all pakis will be fined 50% of their match fees.

Friday, April 08, 2005

India in a World Cup final !!!

Its an India Vs Australia Final on a cricket field.But this time its between teams of the fairer sex.Yes its the final of the Women's Cricket world cup 2005 being held this month in South Africa.Hope the ladies dont repeat their male counterparts.All the best for the Indian women's cricket team :).

Friday, April 01, 2005

Gmail up to 2 GB space and more...

Gmail on account of its first anniversary celebrations has beefed up the mailbox space of its users to some amount above 1 GB.Mine stands at 1250 MB.According to google they are gonna up the space to more 2 GB.great news are just an april fools special.wait n c :)