Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bridge partly underwater

BRIDGE, originally uploaded by netcitizen.

This bridge is between Sweden and Denmark. Picture taken from the side of Sweden.

The bridge is half under the water, for ships to pass and then again, it comes out on the other side. Truly a marvelous piece of Engineering!!!

The bridge (or should it be called tunnel) goes under water to allow movement of ships.


Ram.C said...

Awesome picture...

Came thru Sambharmafia's comment section.

Observed your query on Hello photo uploading. "when i try posting the photo the status shows sending 1 of 1 or sent 0 of 1 and nothing really happens".

After you observe "sending 1 picture" in the "Chat with.." window, you should type something in the "enter a caption for your photo here" window. (Even a single alphabet is enough)

then "publish" icon will be activated.

hope you are able to do it.

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Colonel Korg said...

The picture of the bridge-tunnel is not of the one is denmark/sweden but of the one in virginia USA of the monitor-merrimack bridge-tunnel. Did you post the wrong photo? Any bridge tunnel is a wonderful work of engineering, be they built in the USA or overseas.

Korg sends