Saturday, April 29, 2006

check this out

NO updates for some time...
check this out Actress "Shriya" has created history......
well not really ..Shes already making waves as the next SuperStar jodi .And shes paired against Dhanush the mapillay of Rajnikanth.. for a movie called 'Thiruvilayadal' which has the same name as that of the lengendary Chevalier shivaji ganesan starrer-got into some kinda controversy for this reason.Neways shriya has now got an unique distinction.If i am not wrong mebbe yesteryear(well can say so)dream girl Sridevi must have made the distinction of acting with father and son Nageswara rao and Nagarjuna in the telugu movie scene.

Monday, April 03, 2006

konjam thamaash

There was a small discussion among my friends and it started with this message .

Public service message

Please vote for VijayKanth...
if not
he will come back to acting....
Then it was replied to with this (TR fan)

Vijayakanthu romba rupture
evar vantha tamizh nadu puncture
naan poda pora vote TRu
avar than thamizh natuku future
And this evoked this reply ....

vijaykanth mogaththula theriyuthu oru fireu
tr mugam mulukka verum mayiru
captain pannuvaaru tamilnaatta saveu
traala panna mudiyumaa self shaveu?
tr oru loosu
avan enga captain munnadi thoosu
captain coloru karuppu
tr kaalla podra seruppu.
captain terroristku veppaaru vettu
avarukke podunga unga vottu.
Disclaimer: All the views expressed above are just for fun.:)

Google kaadhal

yeah. Its here. Google's onto it . check out the latest from Google --Google romance...


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