Thursday, June 14, 2007

Neo - the boss

Sivaji - super star movie trailer must be the most watched trailer nowadays .Having seen that check out this Sivaji trailer too. sooper kewl remix.

Monday, June 11, 2007

sivaji fever ... well not really

I read an article that said Sivaji fever grips US .. Well thats too much of a hype .Yes i do agree that desis in US rather Tamils in US would love to watch this movie .I am not too sure if this statement is apt in the place of Spidermans,shreks and pirates.I do understand that Sivaji's target audience in far too less than the above mentioned movies.
okay reason for the post .Happened to look at the ticket prices for the first day and the first weekend shows in major american cities with considerable Tamil/desi population and they stand somewhere between 16 $ and 26 $ . come on people 25 $ for a first day show for a movie in a cinema theatre with a not so great infrastructure - its not worth it . I did find that there were tickets priced at 16$ which is slightly better but again costlier than a normal ticket for the first day show of a Hollywood biggie.Talks like overseas rights and logistics in screening an Indian movie in the US being on the expensive side dont really convince me.If tickets are overpriced and even though if its a great movie one cannot expect a huge fan turnout.This should apply to any movie anywhere.
Result the movie is soon out on the internet for download not that other movies never make it to the internet .but i feel this could be a important factor propelling piracy.
Anyways i think all these arguments might weigh low in front of " Anything for super star" dialogues.But exploiting the eagerness and anxiety of fans for more money is definitely not good any day.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Obsessed with google

Most of us turn to Google if we need to make a web search for any information that we want .No complains cos Google gives us the best results and we know it.But that doesnt mean searching in Yahoo,live and ask who have improved their search technology too and sometimes u never know that u might find something u lookin for in a search engine other Google.
A firefox user that i am use this extension called customizegoogle
what this extension does is gives u option to search the same search-text on yahoo,Live , ask and other major search engines by clicking a link.
Also check out this greasemonkey script which even does a better job the difference being it works on all search sites whereas the customizegoogle extension only on google search.