Thursday, September 28, 2006

FM stations galore

More FMs to tune to in Madras now.yeah two more got into the showbiz.Reliance adlabs venture BIG FM-92.7 Mhz which boasts of RJs from the mirchi and suryan stable like Mirchi Balaji,Blade dheena,Kanmani was launched this week.It also has a few hours of English and Hindi music every week.

Hello FM 106.4 Mhz is from the Dailythanthi group and its gonna b out and out local flavor..

Madras la now 7 FM stations to tune in. wow.!!

Radio city was launched a few months back and Mid day groups Radio one has applied license for Chennai to start one soon..

Radio ....

Saturday, September 23, 2006


For a person from Madras veyyil (sun) the word wont be amusing in fact ppl like it ,cos in Madras weather its hot ,hotter ,hottest and more U can bear those dog days in summer whatever be the temperature but for a small downpour throws normal activity out of gear .Theres a new movie coming up named Veyyil from Director Shankar's factory and heard that this movie is about a place where it hardly rains.. ok wats special about this movie .well it may not be that significant for some well the music for this movie is scored by GV Prakash whos the nephew of the great ARR and if u want to more about this guy hes the kid voice in the hit song chikku bukku raile from Gentleman.
About the songs ..they are pretty good..uruguthey -shreya ghosal,Shankar mahadevan and kathal nerupin -chinmayi, karthik are my favs.
Well wats the movie without a song about Veyyil ..Theres one Veyilodu velayadi which is pretty good.some part of this song has this lyrics which goes like eppothavadhu minnal adithal antha velichathil pugaipadam eduthukolvom . I liked it..

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Always been a big fan of kadis,PJs and also used to crack a few ..

Narasimha Rao and NT Rama Rao eppadi Thirupathiku povanga..

Ans ... Ra(o)voda Ra(o)va [overnight ]

bloghopping led to this marana kadi here..

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Newyork nagaram

After listening to the ARR hit "Newyork Nagaram"song i was itching to watch the video of the song.some one who saw the movie first say said the video was really good..aaha. but what really happened when i saw it on TV .. ayyaya enna da sodappitanga...immediate reaction from mom was "enna da kanna kedukara madhiri pattu.."I was like cha ARR enna range paatu potrukaar video ipdi irukay .it wasnt bad but it was not at all good..Then came across this youtube video during bloghopping and found it really good.. take a look.


Friday, September 15, 2006

warney -- cant keep him off the limelight

you jus cant keep him off the limelight for too long ..He is in the news -makes news for right ,wrong and any kinda trivial whats the latest.looks like our man has passed some comments about the current aussie coach John Buchanan,with whom he did not share a great rapport,sayin that coaches need to be more professional and shud not poke their nose in everything and something along these lines..lets c wat happens next ..


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Duckworth"less" Lewis method

After watching Sachin bat after a long time(saw a cricket match and that too featuring India after a long time.. of course on TV)and enjoying his lovely innings of 141 not out and India scoring 309 i could not digest the fact that India lost the match against this useless west indies team.
Thanks to 2 gentlemen Duckworth and lewis this happened. They may not be alive but something they have formulated is determining the results of matches, turning the points table of several tournaments around.I agree to the fact that this method is better than the infamous rain rule followed in the World cup '1992.But is it the end ..
Isnt there a better methodology to determine the fate of rain affected matches.I am not brainy enough to devise one but i certainly believe that theres a better way out.
Till today i was thinkin that a match to be considered as legitimate 25 overs should be bowled in each innings.Windies had played just 20 overs.but now i came to know that this rule was changed to a minimum of 20 along with the new changes lie powerplay that were introduced recently...
Sachin in his comeback match was all class personified and his shots oozed brilliance.
though he had a life when his score was just 5 , he stayed there till the end battling the humidity and a pitch with variable (aniyayathuku ) bounce at one end ..thala range than eppavumay..

Dasavatharam 's new avatar

As I was watchin CNN IBN news this news item caught my attention ..
It goes something like -- the story of Kamal hassan's new movie Dasavatharam is plagiarised.
The so called victim of this issue says that he had sent the story/script to Kamal's office and was then reviewed by kamal and as he found it interesting agreed to use it and also take this person as the assistant director for the movie .But later on the shooting was started and nothing happened to the promises made .The (so called ) victim has now filed a case on charges of plagiarism wanting to stop the shooting of the film.Is it all true or some crap.. lets c ..


Monday, September 04, 2006

Croc hunter is no more

The famous crocodile hunter and the person whose came of fame is the reality show with animals especially crocodiles ,steve irwin,will no longer entertain his discovery channel audience as well anyone.He was killed by a sting ray bite during the shooting of an underwater documentary movie .
felt bad about this..