Thursday, September 14, 2006

Duckworth"less" Lewis method

After watching Sachin bat after a long time(saw a cricket match and that too featuring India after a long time.. of course on TV)and enjoying his lovely innings of 141 not out and India scoring 309 i could not digest the fact that India lost the match against this useless west indies team.
Thanks to 2 gentlemen Duckworth and lewis this happened. They may not be alive but something they have formulated is determining the results of matches, turning the points table of several tournaments around.I agree to the fact that this method is better than the infamous rain rule followed in the World cup '1992.But is it the end ..
Isnt there a better methodology to determine the fate of rain affected matches.I am not brainy enough to devise one but i certainly believe that theres a better way out.
Till today i was thinkin that a match to be considered as legitimate 25 overs should be bowled in each innings.Windies had played just 20 overs.but now i came to know that this rule was changed to a minimum of 20 along with the new changes lie powerplay that were introduced recently...
Sachin in his comeback match was all class personified and his shots oozed brilliance.
though he had a life when his score was just 5 , he stayed there till the end battling the humidity and a pitch with variable (aniyayathuku ) bounce at one end ..thala range than eppavumay..


Rajesh said...

When did Duckworth and lewis die.
Recently i got a mail from Prof Duckworth.

Aravind said...

@Rajesh,must be a 'bounce' mail.mebbe the one he had sent long time back .