Saturday, September 23, 2006


For a person from Madras veyyil (sun) the word wont be amusing in fact ppl like it ,cos in Madras weather its hot ,hotter ,hottest and more U can bear those dog days in summer whatever be the temperature but for a small downpour throws normal activity out of gear .Theres a new movie coming up named Veyyil from Director Shankar's factory and heard that this movie is about a place where it hardly rains.. ok wats special about this movie .well it may not be that significant for some well the music for this movie is scored by GV Prakash whos the nephew of the great ARR and if u want to more about this guy hes the kid voice in the hit song chikku bukku raile from Gentleman.
About the songs ..they are pretty good..uruguthey -shreya ghosal,Shankar mahadevan and kathal nerupin -chinmayi, karthik are my favs.
Well wats the movie without a song about Veyyil ..Theres one Veyilodu velayadi which is pretty good.some part of this song has this lyrics which goes like eppothavadhu minnal adithal antha velichathil pugaipadam eduthukolvom . I liked it..


Harish said...

Pochchuda...mazhai release naanapa thamizhnaadu fulla bayanagarama mazhai penjudu....ippa veyyil peru vechirukaanga...enna nadakka pogudo????

Aravind said...

haha dei apdi aana romba kashtam da..