Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dasavatharam 's new avatar

As I was watchin CNN IBN news this news item caught my attention ..
It goes something like -- the story of Kamal hassan's new movie Dasavatharam is plagiarised.
The so called victim of this issue says that he had sent the story/script to Kamal's office and was then reviewed by kamal and as he found it interesting agreed to use it and also take this person as the assistant director for the movie .But later on the shooting was started and nothing happened to the promises made .The (so called ) victim has now filed a case on charges of plagiarism wanting to stop the shooting of the film.Is it all true or some crap.. lets c ..



Guruprasad said...

thats very interesting. considering the fact that Kamal usually suttufies only from foreign movies. and with KS Ravikumar as director, most likely some 10 foreign movies. but someone else scripting the story and claiming plagiarisation is interesting

Aravind said...

hi, welcome to my blog .
haha.10 foriegn movies ... mebbe one happpened to be indian i guess...