Monday, August 28, 2006

yet another google offering

Google's foray into office and business space was long hinted and now its there.Google office 1.0 was launched today which provides the email,calendar,instant messaging and web page solutions for office without ads and with a paid upgrade comin soon.Google is now vying for the space of Microsoft outlook,lotus notes etc but its still unsure whether there will be word processing and spreadsheets suite from the google stable or probably a tie up with a open source business productivity suite firm or something on those lines.

I am very erratic in blog updating and whenever the feeling of not updating of blog creeps up, google helps me ..yeah something new wud hav been launched by Google and i scribble about it.. :-)

Vettaiadu vilayadu update..
"paarthom mudhal naale naanga VV parthom mudhal naale"
but not a kamal special.good but not greaat. cinematography was excellent..

Monday, August 14, 2006

blogroll link manager

I have a large blogroll and I am not too sure i am getting the latest updated blogs with the "hot " tag.And i have also not updated the blogroll in weeding out the blogs that are not updated frequently or not anymore.If at all someone comes across this post do let me know if theres a better link manager .Free link manager is good but i am not too sure if its efficient. Should soon find a better way to manage links.I have tried the web based aggregators but not too happy with them as i find it better to read from the actual blog page .

Thursday, August 10, 2006

One night @ call center soon in theatres

Chetan Bhagat's hot selling "One Night @ call center" is now gonna be made as a movie in Bollywood and Salman Khan will be in the lead role..Need to see how the film version come up.
news link

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

jillunu oru ARR album

As usual the numbers did not impress me much first up tho munbe vaa and kummi caught my attention.after repeated listening ....Maaricham weightu very different i should say ...Munbe vaa soothing effect chancey illa.....Machakari speaks of Shankar Mahadevan's versatility (hes sung a kutthu paatu in Thimiru)....Kummi sema ragalai......Newyork ARR range katrar donno y it reminded me of Lukka chuppi from Rang de......jillendru oru slightly old type....Majja majja SPB charan sounds more like his dad...
bloghopping revealed that SOK has impressed lotta ppl..