Thursday, February 23, 2006

CAS still rules

Couple of weeks back the news that was on the top was the Tamilnadu govt order to quash the conditional access system in chennai and the govt taking over the cable TV industry in the state.But two weeks after that now things have gone silent.yesterdays Hindu newspaper metro plus carried a people poll about CAS and a overwhelming 75% of the respondents wanted the CAS to removed.hope it is done very soon.

-A CAS stricken chennaite.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Symonds the best fielder

only After watching Jonty Rhodes fly ..err. field in the world cup 1992 we all came to know that fielding can also be done this way and its an important aspect of the one day game.who can forget the Rhodes mid air run out of wasim akram .(that sportstar poster was so hot those days ).now the god of modern day fielding Jonty Rhodes himself has proclaimed that the Aussie all rounder Andrew symonds is the best fielder today and is 10 times better than Jonty himself.that was so humble of him.
this is what it is called as "Vashishtar Vaayal Brahmarishi"

news link

Rang De Basanti--Range Da Machi

I saw Rang de Basanti coupla days ago and was impressed and felt that what my friends and so many reviews spoke about the movie was very true.The movie was shockingly beautiful and the climax was kewl which i did not expect(most others didnt either).All the actors played their characters impressively and cant single out any one as such as exceptional.The music and the background score--ARR what more can I say.As far as the concept goes, the core of it is similar to some of Shankar's movie in Tamil .But the screenplay was obviuosly so refreshing and its the strength of the film.The places where the movie from color to black n white, from present to the Bhagat singh period and back -wow that was impressive.overall a wonderful movie.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Video sharing

Off late video sharing sites like are on the rise with amateur film makers displaying their skills.(The site also contains other videos as well).
Today i saw couple of videos which were good.
Funny video. by a blogger.

Firefox extensions

One Big reason I and millions like me love Firefox is its extensions and the variety of functions that help u do.I have some 20 odd extensions installed in my firefox.
Two extensions that recently caught my attention were the SessionSaver and RestartFirefox.

Session saver enables u to have all sessions and the tabs restored once u restart firefox which u might had to do for some reason.On restart of Firefox U have all the tabs in the same place and the sessions(e.g any website where u have signed in)One might accidentally close firefox and keep wondering what was the new link that u were watching .well this session saver solves ur problem.

RestartFirefox is another useful extension which enables one to restart Firefox with a click of a button.This comes into use mainly when u want the newly selected themes(major attraction for many in Firefox) and the newly installed extensions need to take effect.
check these extensions out and Enjoy browsing in Firefox.

Firefox Vs Internet Explorer

Firefox Vs Internet Explorer-what people(of Newyork) say when asked what browser do they use among these 2 ?.Interesting video.check it out here.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Google Total

A google search box with a drop down menu to select category for searching.Sounds interesting.A similar thing has been tried out here.

New Bikes from yamaha

In the Auto expo '06 at New Delhi, Yamaha India had unveiled its plans for India with new offerings such as Gladiator 150 and Fazer 250.Though I was not able to get a glimpse of em then, got a link with the pics of these bikes.