Thursday, February 23, 2006

CAS still rules

Couple of weeks back the news that was on the top was the Tamilnadu govt order to quash the conditional access system in chennai and the govt taking over the cable TV industry in the state.But two weeks after that now things have gone silent.yesterdays Hindu newspaper metro plus carried a people poll about CAS and a overwhelming 75% of the respondents wanted the CAS to removed.hope it is done very soon.

-A CAS stricken chennaite.


Krithiga said...

We bought a Set Top Box a few months back - tired of waiting, and mostly because of the Sports Season ahead. Think of the plight of such people. Minority though, wouldn't they feel let down? Some Rs.4000 worth investment down the drain.

Aravind said...

Hi Krithika welcome to my blog .
well what u say is true.but think of the plight of the lakhs of CAS stricken people like me who miss their dose of cricket, movies,cartoon and music.probably there can be a scheme wherein under the new regime the users of set top box will get free cable tv for the next 1 year.
tata star dth is gonna be launched in June .well thats a few months frm now. neways there can be some respite.