Thursday, February 02, 2006

Firefox extensions

One Big reason I and millions like me love Firefox is its extensions and the variety of functions that help u do.I have some 20 odd extensions installed in my firefox.
Two extensions that recently caught my attention were the SessionSaver and RestartFirefox.

Session saver enables u to have all sessions and the tabs restored once u restart firefox which u might had to do for some reason.On restart of Firefox U have all the tabs in the same place and the sessions(e.g any website where u have signed in)One might accidentally close firefox and keep wondering what was the new link that u were watching .well this session saver solves ur problem.

RestartFirefox is another useful extension which enables one to restart Firefox with a click of a button.This comes into use mainly when u want the newly selected themes(major attraction for many in Firefox) and the newly installed extensions need to take effect.
check these extensions out and Enjoy browsing in Firefox.

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