Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rang De Basanti--Range Da Machi

I saw Rang de Basanti coupla days ago and was impressed and felt that what my friends and so many reviews spoke about the movie was very true.The movie was shockingly beautiful and the climax was kewl which i did not expect(most others didnt either).All the actors played their characters impressively and cant single out any one as such as exceptional.The music and the background score--ARR what more can I say.As far as the concept goes, the core of it is similar to some of Shankar's movie in Tamil .But the screenplay was obviuosly so refreshing and its the strength of the film.The places where the movie from color to black n white, from present to the Bhagat singh period and back -wow that was impressive.overall a wonderful movie.

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Paurna said...

later portions of the movie seemed influenced heavily by the tiananmen massacre.