Monday, January 22, 2007


Vaseegara.. around 8 years back there was this song composed by a little known composer called Harris Jayaraj and maiden filmi song for renowned carnatic singer "Bombay' Jayashree which was the toast of the music lovers that season and took the composer to new heights.Thereafter one Bombay Jayashree melody was a regular in most of his albums.I still remember the cover of a Minnale audio cd (not original) having a tag next to Harris Jayaraj's name as -A R Rehman's assistant.Though Harris jayaraj did not have a spurt of movies but he never looked back giving consistent hits though there were comments that some of his songs were inspired from other songs.In a place where absolute rip offs are super hits it was ok.
He in his interviews had said that "Blue" is favorite band and no wonder that some of his newer songs are inspired from Blue hits and the kind of instruments that he uses also tell the same story.
but in his recent album Unnale Unnale the song June pona is a total rip off from All rise by Blue.
Well the title of the post Vaseegara -- En nu kaeta . read on..
Harris Jayaraj - Gautam Menon (director -Minnale,Kakka kakka,Vettaiadu Vilayadu) combo has resulted in some good songs and super hits.
Now there is this new movie called PachaiKili Muthutcharam from the same combination.And this album carries a song called unakkul Naaney sung by Bombay Jayashree( there is another version by Madhusree) which I think has the potential to be another Vaseegara. I am not sure how many will go with me or really this song will be that popular, but i felt so.Its not too melodious and not too fast and it is simple and good to hear.Other numbers in the album are also pretty good with a good potential of being seasons hits.The album has an array of young singers including Naresh iyer,Girish(think hes a new singer-I mebbe wrong),Karthik(hes a veteran now).And why i like this album is though there are shades of partha mudhal naaley (VV) and kannum Kannum Nokia (Anniyan) they werent too inspired and were sung well with not much Tamizh kolai (read udit narayan,sukhwinder singh,sadhana sargam and the likes--though i like them sing but kinda don like when they really mess up sometimes which i feel that the music director should have stepped in and corrected)except for a few words by Madhusree.Listen to the songs and enjoy...

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Dada - the prince of Calcutta - Saurav Chandidas Ganguly .hes back.oh yes for the good.
Hes more determined this time around and he himself has said that coming back after an year after making it to the top, is tougher than making a comeback after 6 years which he had done it before.
India beat west Indies in the first of the series of four matches pretty close still after making 338.
Indian batting clicked Dada leading the way and kinda sad that he missed a century by a coupla runs.Hope team india carries on the good run..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

One more auto corp sets shop in Chennai

Chennai is the Detroit of India . Wells that in a lots of ways is true.
Read a article in ET about Malaysian Auto maker Naza opening a manufacturing unit in Chennai which reinstates the fact chennai is really the auto hub of India .
But in the article I was surprised if not amused to read these lines "I am impressed with the speed at which Tamil Nadu state administration works," told by the Malaysian minister.
Well if its for the good no complaints whatsoever.