Thursday, January 11, 2007

One more auto corp sets shop in Chennai

Chennai is the Detroit of India . Wells that in a lots of ways is true.
Read a article in ET about Malaysian Auto maker Naza opening a manufacturing unit in Chennai which reinstates the fact chennai is really the auto hub of India .
But in the article I was surprised if not amused to read these lines "I am impressed with the speed at which Tamil Nadu state administration works," told by the Malaysian minister.
Well if its for the good no complaints whatsoever.


Usha said...

*ahem* speed at which TN admin works? Enna measure-la calculate panranga? Is it in some new unit that measures speed in its most basic form?

Aravind said...

@ usha , nice to see to ur comment.
heheh absolutly ..sounds very unlikely of indian governments.made me say "enna koduma idhu saravanan"

tpraja said...

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