Thursday, March 02, 2006

konjam music

I listen to very limited variety of music which is normally filmi and carnatic and off late some carnatic fusion(vocal and instrumental).Listening to English music is very limited.Happened to listen to the latest tamil songs from the films namely Godfather and pattiyal.
Godfather , an ARR musical and it speaks.The songs i felt were pretty good(ok) mebbe not so catchy at the first instance as Rang De Basanti.Well ARR has made the remixes of the original numbers as part of the album and they are pretty good and then the feeling song Theeyil.. sung by Rehman( typical soulful Rehman) is a good one.
The other album Pattyial is a Yuvan musical and this team is same as that of a hit movie of 2005 , Arindum evinced some interest and the music doesnt dissapoint actually.The songs are a mix of western and folk style if u can say so.There is a rap number as well.And more importantly there is a song sung by Maestro Ilayaraja which i think is more of a peppy item number which also sounds like a remix.The album as such is isnt bad.
I liked em and mebbe comment like Goundamani"enna saangu(song)enna measiku(music)"

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ArChaNa said...

i was just listening to the songs in pattiyal. the songs are not so bad.

haven't heard songs from Godfather