Friday, March 24, 2006


Theres no place in the world where theres no competition .Read in a recent issue of Fortune magazine that competitiveness in getting into the Indian IT Major Infosys Technologies is more than getting admission into the Harvard university, known for its scrutiny of applications and was surprised.The convert percentage in the case of Infosys was 1% whereas in the case of Harvard it was 9%. But the difference came in terms of population 1.3 million applicants @ Infy and a far lesser in the case of thought the statistics was kinda misleading but felt happy about this piece of information though.


bindhu said...

Oh Really?? I thought all it takes is to just eat a cake :D

(My friend's elder sister says that was she did inside the interview cabin ;))

Aravind said...

@ bindhu,
welcome to my blog .
well it will be a cakewalk if u r good enuf .well i just posted what i had read -the catch is in the base population.

Gangadhar said...

Is it that much difficult to get into infosys? i don't know that!!!

Aravind said...

It may not be actually but the stats say so.I mean the way u look at the stats ..

Anu said...

cha! missed Harvard! [:P]

Aravind said...

welcome to my blog.
missed harvard but cracked infy eh??