Friday, February 08, 2008

Thayir Sadham

It would not be an exaggeration if i say thayir sadham is fact its a cure in more than one way.its an integral part of the diet of south indians and for most a meal isn't complete without it.To me its great in any form -simple thayir sadham,more sadham,with hot rice ,pazhaya sadham,yoghurt sadham ,baghalabath and with an array of thottukais(side dish).It goes great with narthangai,maavadu,Aavakkai,any pickle for that matter,kozhambu,sambar,salt(ah yes a pinch that is),mango fruit and all the podis and curries.Theres nothing like eating thayir sadham and potato curry on a hot summer day watching a cricket match..Wanted to post this as I was eating my more sadham..:-)


Sandhya Sukumar said...
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Sandhya Sukumar said...

Yeah very true.. Thayir saadam is not a simple dish as it sounds like . :)