Monday, November 22, 2004


The CAT got over yesterday a few thousands cracking it and a few dreaming about and some cursing it .It all happens every year after the CAT. This time around the security was beefed up and u get the Question paper in a cover with a coupla more seals ;ensuring no more disgrace to IIMs as- Paper leaks .The paper had a slightly different look this time around with some 2 mark questions (if u got em wrong u mite lose a mark) and a few 0.5 mark ques.
The TV channels NDTV and Headlines Today in particular hyped CAT this time with week long sessions SMS based helplines etc.There was a analysis session yesterday evening with answers to questions which i thought only a few should have took notice.well there are a few more tests coming up soon .......
Some good news Indian crickets new(yet another) opening combination have struck a purple patch this time around ona Docile pitch against a weak SA bowling attack hope this partnership continues.

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