Tuesday, December 07, 2004

India tour Bangladesh

Well first the word tour in this context looks a bit odd. As if it is a mission to achieve or this being as competitive as an Ashes series the media creates a lotta hype .This could be one of those boring series India has played .
Last time india went there it was atually a dull series with indian batsmen scoring well(they normally do this regularly against low ranked teams ) and the Bangladeshis doing some scratching against Indian spinners.(1 of those batsmen even scored a century).

After all its a country of the size of an average Indian state giving it a international test cricket status and asking other so called international teams to travel there is just not good.Cricket needs to encouraged and spread worldwide.Agreed.But just continuing with team which has not won a match even once in all the test matches played(Dont talk about the big innings defeats).I feel Kenyas better than B'desh.I dont c a Sri Lanka in them.

Morover terrorist threats in place its not great to get on with the tour.Laxman and Kumble will just br happy.But as for the govt decision i think its pretty bold and diplomatic coz the terrorist group will feel great and get more confident if their threat was sustained.
neways hoping for a good series .

eh it sucks to be in Chennai with this fking CAS.In the whole India just this city alone suffers .I hope something is done soon.

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