Thursday, November 30, 2006

Back ...

Back to blogging after being lazy for coupla months.I wudnt say "back with a bang " or something on those lines.Well a reason for this post ..Prince of calcutta (Kulkutta in Boycott's words) Dada Saurav Chandidas Ganguly is back into the Indian cricket test team which has its own element of surprise coz his one day batting record is far better than his record in the longer version of the game.
Indian selectors always known for giving surprises(bunch of jokers..) sprang one by making Laxman the vice captain for the test series in the dark continent.Lucky guy.This is called "Machchamm".I would say this has got more to do with "Muscles" Venkatapathy Raju at the helm as the south zone selector.
I like Dada and his attitude(though considered arrogant and not so professional)Hes spirited thats more important.Not sure hes gonna shine with the bat.But I would love to watch him and off side shots and wish he shines.Next to god its Ganguly in the offside --Tony Grieg used to say..Anyway its more news for the media to create the hype and junk for the cricket fans to munch.

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