Friday, June 13, 2008

Dasavatharam - worth the hype

Makkale ,

I go to a movie to have fun and not to question too much. If we keep doing that we wont be able to watch 90% of the movies.
Moroever after watching movies on the internet desis start analysing movies a little too much ( 10 roova kuduthutu 1000 roova ku expect pannuvanga. typical desi mentality)

Highlights- Kamal actor, Kamal script, Kamal Hardwork, Kamal dedication, Kamal body usual this never ends.

Other Highlights -
Late Sujatha and Crazy Mohan dialogues
Camera .
Background score.
Richness and lavishness.
First Half.
Asin- ravishing and expressive.
Script linking all 10 roles.
Equal support and bashing of God, Atheism and religion.

Second half less crisper and slower than first.
Slightly longer Kamal - Asin arguments where u might say " mudiala ".
Long fights with some stunts which make us say "aaaagaaaa".
Graphics. yes there are some poor graphics too.
Asin's high pitch voice is irritating at times.
Music by Himesh Reshamiyya is a colossal waste frankly the movie needs no songs.
Certain KS Ravikumarish commercial elements doesnt really gel with the movie.

Things to look out

Timing and dialogue comedy.Most of the audience were dumb enough not to appreciate it .If you liked Panchatantrum,PKS type comedies you will love this.
All 10 roles were good but Naidu- Complete fun, Dalit activist - action and body language, CIA Agent Villan - Peter machi peteru and George Bush - u known what, stand out.
First Kamal movie without a mouth..
After a long time the heroine in this case Asin shares the screen space with Kamal in almost 90% of the movie.
Watch out for height , weight variations that Kamal shows in different roles

In the end ...

Just don give a crap to poor comments and go watch it atleast once.The hardwork and money spent shows up on the screen though certain parts defy logic...

after all Cinema is Magic without Logic ..


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