Sunday, June 08, 2008

8 Facts about me - Tag

1. Once a cricket fan is always one. Well not many will agree with this but this is true with me. Though off late sila pala sports paaka ,velada try pannindrundhalum cricket is theeee game.So I try to follow cricket as long as I can. Ennoda fast dial links la cricinfo and cricbuzz are there.Hours together cricket paathu, analyse panna kaalangal undu.
2. Food. Eat to live – live to eat oh well heard many such theories like this.If you like to eat something just grab it and gulp it.I would say that’s the simplest theory. Yeah yeah I can hear people mumbling about calories and things.True Overcoming indulgence is the hardest thing and am trying hard every day :-) and a recent addition is cooking . sticking to basics helps in cooking.
3. Laziness, procrastination are some traits ( :P) am really proud of and they fetched me very less than I lost . :P.. This aint a good thing but 8 things abt me shudn all be good .
4. Jokes,making fun, Oataradhu, PJs idhellam kooda porandhadhu hehe..
5. Ellarkum music pidikum and am no exception.I don have any particular choice and I go by the theory –Anything that pleases me is music and Anything that annoys in noise.I do like some peppy music and carnatic fusion .
6. Internet –Everyone sometime or somehow would have been influenced or connected to it. And I would say that’s one thing that’s brought lotsa difference in peoples life atleast for few.I am an avid surfer reading new stuff, tryin new software and try to blog.
7. I like to travel and see new places. Though I am not travel-holic I do have visited some places and theres a lot to do and I wish I visit more new places.Earlier there were times when I used to be really jealous of those Discovery channel reporters who travel far and wide and do crazy stuff but I did realize that aint easy and more they are paid to do that .Naama namma velaiya paakanum
8. Interacting with people , staying in touch is something that I try to and to some extent do as well. Though not really crazy about the social networking idea I feel contacts do help in a way .

Priya(thanks for the tag) had tagged me and initially thought its gonna be tough to write 8 facts about me and then felt that if I am not gonna write about me who else could/would.oru factum urupadi illana adhuku naan poruppu illa :-)

I am not taggin anyone in particular so interested readers please get Tagged! .

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