Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Music Lovers might already know about Foobar which is a highly configurable music player software which has its own group of loyal users.
A first look at the software may not attract many users but if u spend sometime with it you are sure to fall in love with it. One can even write your own plugins to enhance it with functionalities that they love and I believe most of the plugins were born outta such efforts.
Apart from the default UI there are options like columns,Panel and the latest Facets based UI.With these one can configure the UI that suits best.The screenshot below is Facets based one which i picked from a forum.I thought this was better than the one i configured.One thing this lacks is a plugin for shoutcast channel listing which winamp does.The work around is to have ur shoutcast playlist which i do.
Delivers good sound,nice equalizer,works with portable devices and configurable to the core.It for sure packs a punch. Check it out..

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