Saturday, December 01, 2007

thats a rip off

Hollywood movies have always been a happy hunting ground for many indian Film directors and script writers. And Guess who was at it now.Its non other than priya who is the director of this new tamil movie called Kannamoochi Enada.And which movie was it copied from .. its Guess who.
I saw Kannamoochi Enada first and today as I was watching Guess who, I was like I just saw this movie recently ..The Entire script is copied and given a Indian flavor.In the former a white guy visits his black gal friends family and in Tamil its replaced with local castes.Even the number of missed calls that the hero makes to the heroine is copied.
I was so impressed with this director as I liked her First movie Kanda Naal Mudhal very much and not so now after watching her second movie which wasnt all that great and more so after I see this plagiarism.

update: as i was telling friends about this I realised that even the title was plagiarised ... Guess who -- kannamoochi Enada


Aparna said...

I am yet to watch the movie. I wonder why she had to lift the script (even the title!) from an English movie inspite of being able to take a good original movie like Kanda Naal Mudhal!

Aravind said...

that was my reaction too and it makes me think if she lifted the script for her first movie from somwhere as well.