Wednesday, December 12, 2007

people are dumb.. at times..

The title should have read - I am dumb at times .well this happened today , as I crib everyday for a few weeks now wondering why i did'nt get the new version of gmail. I guess that I was one of the early users of gmail since sometime in 2004 and used to get all the latest features as and when gmail was updated.But gmail 2.0 if we can say so was launched in october this year and so far my gmail wasnt upgraded.And more some of the proxy email ids that i had created got the upgrades.That was what pissing me off.I did google a bit about this but it din really help.Today I noticed in some google group it was mentioned that if the language was set to English US in the settings panel then u will get the latest version of gmail .To my surprise my language was set as English UK which i did not realise and never thought could be a matter . Anyway it made me realised that anyone can be dumb anytime .. no i did not say a word about blondes.;).

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