Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Amitabh-- Rajni---Sharukh---Ajith

wats the link .thats a dolly.
Don-Billa-Don 2006-Billa 2007.
Ajits next movie Billa is hyped up now as its release date is closing down.
Ajit with his style,grace and histrionics shud be doing a good job in a supposedly 'slick' version of Billa.But for some reason i did not really like the soundtrack of the movie which i thought was average.lets wait for the movie...


Vidya said...

I watched this movie - Om Shanti Om and found it rather amusing and illogical! :D Before I depart, I want to watch a Tamil movie and complete my cycle of "stupid" movies! :D
If you think this movie falls under that genre, let me know!

Aravind said...

so u are still home .hope this film is better and its releasing 2 weeks later.If u cant catch it there u cud still watch it at funasia.

Aliens Web Master said...

very nice.


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