Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Getting the news what you want, telling people what u know,rss,xml,atom,web 2.0---you are social networking .
Orkut ,myspace,facebook etc are more into people networking .Another flavor of social networking is the community news aggregation sites like digg where one can find people posting news,views and what not. There are quite a few 'digg' like sites which have content with indian flavor .some of the them are
Newzly,NewsCola ,ForumsOfIndia ,IndianPad ,IndiaMarks ,PutVote , IndianBytes ,Humsurfer

Some of these are good but i kinda found lotta masala news in most of em..


Kiran said...

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ubatra said...
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Vidya said...

Is there a web site that I can use to find out any events that are going on in the city?