Wednesday, March 14, 2007


After watching the inaugural world cup match in west Indies I wanted to post this ..The match wasnt that interesting as Pakistan played dull cricket and windies were ok..(andha dwayne bravo edho pakistan no 10 playera out pannathuku over alambal panran.. remba over...)But what caught my attention was the sponsorship hoardings and displays around the ground..More than 60 percent of them are Indian companies are rather the Indian arms of an MNC..Its not that this is the first time its happening since i think its there for sometime now.But this time around i felt it was more pronounced.
If we think Why ? the answer is very simple .we Indians adore cricket ,drink,eat,use the foodstuff and goods that are endorsed by cricketers more than other goods.atleast 50 million(the number mebbe less) people are going to watch the matches and so basically marketing for the core of the target audience.I spotted ads for Hero Honda CBZ ,Hutch cellular etc..In this rate it will not be a surprise if we find ads for Dabur chawanprash,Hawkins cooker etc not to forget our Kungumam,Dhinakaran..:)

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