Saturday, March 03, 2007

Its here .. its the World cup of cricket

The cricket world cup 2007 is round the corner with the carribean islands playing host to this edition.There are few minnows in the world cup as there are 16 teams in the fray and the initial group stage is going to be either a barrage of wickets or a storm of runs as the top teams play against a few first timers.Hope that there is some sanity in those matches.
The super 8 stage holds the key and the major 8 test playing countries are most likely to make it without much trouble and then the fun starts here.
As far as team India goes I feel that they have a very good chance to make it to the last four and what happens after that depends on which team is smart enough on that particular day.
This is the last world cup for Indian stalwarts like Sachin,Rahul,Saurav and Anil. So they would be really itching to lay hands on the coveted trophy. Hope it happens that way.
For now gotta wait and watch...


Nandhu said...

u have to bring in the personal touch, otherwise there is no fun in such a post. just my suggestion.

Aravind said...

@ Nandhu,
Thx for the suggestion.