Monday, January 30, 2006


No idea where this thing started and u find them everywhere these days .In emails,sms ,magazines,ads,even Film and TV serial dialogues.Well most of them are kinda irritating and bore.but some of em are good and rib tickling at times.
Some recent ones i wish posting here ..(all of em in Tamil)
1)Kaasu irundha call taxi la polaam.Kassu illati (k)call thaan Taxi.
2)Engineering college la padicha Engineer aagalaam. aana Presidency collegela padicha President aaga mudiyuma.
3)Bus stop kitta wait panna Bus kedaikum .aana full stop kitta wait panna full kedaikuma.
All these thathuvams are just for fun.


Vijay Krishna said...

The worst of the lot is "South India-la naarthangaai kidaikkum; aana North India-la southangaai kidaikkaadhu!"

Aravind said...

welcome to my blog.