Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Firefox my favorite

Firefox is ruling the roost in the browser world and it has so many wonderful features and no doubt is my favorite browser and not just me ,millions of em.Just reminded of this firefox ad for its security features .Thought could just post it.
link for the high resolution image.


Paurna said...

thx for dropping by.ur blog seems to be a ready stop for for ur post about firefox u r right.firefox is damn better than IE or any other browser around.

Paurna said...

btw do i by any chance know u personally

ArChaNa said...

I've been using firefox for past one yr n i love it!!


Aravind said...

@ Paurna,
No paurna i don think we know each other personally.neways thanks for visting my blog and we can make good pals hereon.

Aravind said...

@ archie,
Firefox is wonderful and good to see it grow.

ArChaNa said...

ye i hope so.. thnx for visitin.. n linkin it.. will blogroll ya soon.

ye i've been bloggin[blogger] for quite sometime. thats my first blogspot.

n yup word of the worlds is a group blog..currently we have 4 active contributers[incl me].

Looking forward to ur contribution at word of the worlds.