Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sivakasi na Standard!

Sivakasi na Standard!Well this is the caption one will see in most parts of Madras and get to listen in the FM radio.As a kid most of us got the impression that Diwali crackers have the same logo "STANDARD".Since it has been- the brand.And Our own Ilaya Dhalapathi is making use of this by having a brand placement in his forthcoming(hit :-))"Sivakaasi.
To some extent this sounds correct as well coz,
*Vijay films have some standard.("can watch em once"-This phrase again needs some justification{oru thadava paakalam})
*They have standard music (some times sub standard)
*They have standard stunts.(Good stunts rather)
*They have standard formula tricks-Kuthu paatu,punch dialogues,item numbers.:-P
*They have standard masala storyline.:-P

So i think it is a nice try.

India beat Sri lanka in the first ODI at Nagpur by a whopping 152 runs.Man of the Match -new skipper "Rahul Dravid".

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Venkat Ramanan said...

I agree with your comment about Vijay movies...!!! in fact, very stereotypical... all movies will focus him ultimately, will have a masala number, one kuthu, one romance, one sure death bla bla.. esp that hoarding you have put ni is appropriate!!! where didja spot it by the by?