Sunday, July 06, 2008

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Colorful,funny,beautiful,simple etc are the tags I will associate with this movie.This is one of those 'like'able non masala-ic at the same time melodramatic (sort of)movie with loads of comedy.I watched this movie for AR Rahman and Genelia and no expectations whatsoever and yeah I am already addicted to the songs in the movie.Enough justice has been done to ARR's music in picturizing the songs well and rerecording wherever it appears is superb.yes most of the movie is kinda without the background music as in scenes with dialogues between various characters.
Genelia, boy hasnt she been impressive in every movie she does from boys to santosh subramaniam(shes a hit in telugu as well) and shes grows in this movie as well.
The scene in which she talks to the hero over phone after the hero goes on his first date speaks for her performance.She is expressive.yes she is.
The Hero Imran Khan (Aamir Khan's nephew) scores well in his debut movie with a wonderful performance.He has excellent screen presence and emotes really well for a debutant.Another star in the making.
The Gang of friends and the gal whos listens to this story have all done their part well with "Roltu"s comedy and Jiggy's gujju ishtyle( sooosanthh) standing out.
All credits to the director for his screenplay and special mention for the cinematography.
barring certain scenes at the end (funny but illogical) all in all its a great movie to watch.go enjoy .
kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi......

story is in a way similar to a tamil film called 'piriyadha varam vendum'...

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