Wednesday, September 05, 2007

oh sachin !!

The master blaster blazed away at the Oval today and powered one more nice win for India.
but along with the win came a shocker which read that sachin is hinting retirement at the end of this year ..
whatever good and bad that is said about him, for most Indian cricket fans Sachin~= cricket.There are a lotta people who watch cricket just for sachin..
To me " enakku nenaivu therijadhu lendhu" I am watching sachin play and every on field success ,gesture,feat of his captivated me and left an indelible mark.
So the very thought that sachin wont be playing cricket i .e he wont do what he was doing best is shocking to say the least .But as all good things do come to a logical conclusion this was to happen ..
tough isnt it ..


Vidya said...

I cannot imagine that Sachin is retiring! My brother too will share your "pain" :D


Aravind said...

yep absolutely!!