Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Indian cars in USA

Indian Scientists,Engineers,Doctors,Lawyers,Auditors,stores and now Carsss..
Oh yeah ..not a joke ..
check this article .
India auto major Mahindra and Mahindra gonna enter the US auto market where they have already been selling Tractors.
Soon u might see Sharukh khan and Saif driving a Scorpio on a US freeway in a bollywood movie.And these days most bollywood movies are shot in US right .. ;-)


Vidya said...

What with outsourcing and all, I won't be surprised if Hollywood movies are shot in India, as well! :D


Aravind said...

well mebbe.but i guess some amount of animation content in Hollywood movies are made in india these days .

Anu said...

Technology has improved very much
Looks like economy s also improving :)
But I guess it ll take some time before the US market accepts an Indian product.

Priya said...

oh yeh!! naanum kelvi patten..
scorpio samya irukaame!!