Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gmail and gmail chat

Innovation is Googles USP and it is vivid in Googles products.Gmail is a good product (though still in beta).They followed it up with Gmail chat by integrating google talk with gmail .though u cant do voice chat it is still very useful.Google then started supporting Mozilla Firefox the open source browser(My favorite and of course for millions of Firefox users) by providing Firefox support for its toolbar and stuff.All google products work with no probs in Firefox.
Talking about Gmail and Firefox two extensions that caught my attention were Gmailchatalert and gmailskins.
In gmail chat the alert that the buddy other end has sent u a new message can be identified by the change of text in the taskbar(browser title rather) if the window is minimised.sometimes if there are too many windows open or u r busy with something else or u have enabled the taskbar autohide property enabled the alert wont really work.So i was wondering if there was a sound alert for this.And the solution is the Gmail chat alert extension which works great.
The gmail skin is more of a fancy thing where u can change the visual settings of ur gmail page like changing the color,moving the vertical orientation of tabs to horizontal etc by changing the css.I just wanted to try it.It worked ok.But a few color themes werent great and it also affects the screen while composing mails .so not so great.


Krithiga said...

Unable to install Chat alert :( Wanted it badly.

Aravind said...

y what was the problem??
it worked fine for me..