Thursday, July 28, 2005

News Channels and sms..

In India these days the hottest business in Media are the news channels.Topping the list is Prannoy Roy's NDTV and closedly followed by the India Today group's AAJ TAK and Headlines today.There are some 7 popular news channels and one thing u find common in them is the interaction with the viewers through sms-Short Messaging Service.They use sms for several purposes such as voting,viewer feedback,latest news n scores etc.Off late one use of sms by these channels is worth mention.Telecasting messages from People who need to contact their family/friends but unable to do so on their scrolling newsbar.And India being hit by natural disasters more often nowadays say the Tsunami or these Mumbai rains this system is being put to use.But whether this service is effectively used and is helpful to people or not is not known.But i doubt its effectiveness coz both parties(the sender and the intended recepient) have to watch that particular news channel to know the news.Neways ,if it helps then fine.

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