Thursday, August 04, 2011

Who is ?

Mr. Rahul Dravid, Gautam is hurt - will you open?
Dhoni wants to bowl - will you keep?
Over rate was slow so captain is banned - will you captain?
Sachin didn't hit 100 - will you hit one?
India looks like losing - will you save the match?
Zaheer has hamstring injury - will you bowl?
erm... Okay!

And they call Hussey Mr. Cricket...

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Friday, December 04, 2009

Urvasi Urvasi !!!

It’s been really long since I wrote a blogpost and so thought of breaking the silence with a mini post.

The more we see, we have, we get of certain things it might make them  look common place. Nobody is at blame here. That’s how things work….

Hmm what prompted me to write this blogpost is this awesome Tamil song of the 1990’s Urvasi Urvasi from the movie Kadhalan- music by the legend AR Rahman, featuring Prabhu deva’s exclusive dance numbers.

"Urvasi Urvasi"


One may ask whats the link with the post.Well for most ARR fans and people who listen to Tamil music this song is legendary and one of the special songs of the 90’s .Those days one can watch this song probably once or twice a week in Oliyum Oliyum on DD 1 or Superhit Muqabla on DD 2 .kids may wonder why ? J  .. coz those were the two TV channels that one got to watch then.


Early 90’s were the days when Tamil and to an extent Indian film music industry was introduced to some awesome orchestration a mix of western,pop,hip hop,classical and folk  by A R Rahman. One cannot forget the days we got excited listening to songs from Roja, Gentleman and Kadhalan - few of the very best of ARR’s albums.


"Ennavale adi Ennavalae"



I still remember me eagerly tuning into Ceylon radio in the evening to listen to kadhalan songs coz they were the ones to broadcast new songs daily.Oorvasi oorvasi was kinda path breaking form the normal tamil songs of those days. It was fast ,cool,MJ style dance steps and funny lyrics . these were totally crazy and new for the audience and no wonder the listeners of 90’s became devotees of ARR.


In comparison there are good songs that come out these days too but they are made so common place due to the fact that they are telecast at least 10 times a day in various music TV channels and broadcasted 100 times in the umpteen FM radio networks and people listen to them asap thanks to music downloads(pirated and legal) and online radio websites.


"Mukkala Mukkabala"




The change that ARRs Urvasi , Mukkala and Ennavalae brought about in the music scene was great thanks to the great music and their magnitude was  glorified further thanks to non- ubiquitous nature of film music then. One may ask that ARR won an oscar in 2009 for a latest movie but I wont bring Jai ho in that league at all. No comments.

I wonder if even the great ARR can recreate the magic of early 90’s . J


Anyways, watching that song was really refreshing. And hey u know what I happen to catch a glimpse of Oliyum Oliyum as I was channel surfing. :P



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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The balconies of the Sears Tower in Chicago... superb...



The balconies of the Sears Tower in Chicago - not for people who have vertigo!
The owners of the Sears Tower , the tallest skyscraper in the United States ( Chicago ), inaugurated last week four glass box viewing platforms. These balconies are suspended 1,353 feet (412 meters) in the air on the 103rd floor. They are 10ft high and 10ft wide and can hold 5 tons with their 1.5 inch thick glasses.
Really impressive and definitively something to try...























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Thursday, June 11, 2009